Workshop “Cybertheology: Theologie in Zeiten des Internets”


Cybertheology is a new theological approach in development with the aim of analysing the impact of cyberculture in the way of thinking and living the Christian faith, as well as understanding the relationship between God and human beings in the network society. The cybertheological reflection is mainly based on the works of Antonio Spadaro. Guest researcher Aline Amaro da Silva hosts the workshop on June 25th between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. The workshop will be held in GA 6/31.

In the early days of Christianity, when the Christian faith changed media, from oral communication to writing, there was a great transformation in the practice of faith, in its understanding, and even in the people who followed it. And now that the practice of faith is shifting to the digital, what changes in our understanding and Christian experience? How do we understand God, communicate with Him, and communicate about Him? How can theology help humankind live well in network times? These and other questions the cybertheological study seeks to reflect.
This workshop is an invitation to all those interested in cyberculture and theology to think together the new issues, challenges and possibilities that the digital phenomenon, especially the internet, has brought to our daily human experience.

Aline Amaro da Silva is a journalist, master and PhD student in Catholic Theology from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), Brazil. Her master thesis about Cybertheology was entitled "Cybergrace: faith, evangelization and communion in the times of the network" (2015). Her doctoral research is seeking to develop a Christology for the digital age. She works in the theological and communicative formation producing courses and workshops about “Pastoral in the digital culture” in various faculties of Brazil. Currently, she is a guest research in the Catholic Theology Faculty at Ruhr Universität Bochum (RUB), Germany. E-mail: Site:

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Workshop schedule:
1. Introduction: personal presentation and network experience.
Everybody present yourself and answer the question: why cybertheology is interesting for you? How do you feel about this theme and what do you expect of this workshop?

2. Presentation about Cybertheology.

3. Free questions and discussion:

  • What is the network?
  • What changes in the human beings in the times of digitalization?
  • Each epoch of history emphasizes a characteristic of God, each society and culture has its own vision of who God is. What kinds of God’s image are there in the digital age?
  • Is there place for God in the network society?
  • What does digital culture change in our understanding and experience of faith?
  • What are the challenges, obstacles and opportunities to believe in the God of Jesus Christ today?
  • What important questions and subjects about the faith in Jesus Christ are raised by digital culture?